30-06-08 : RentaServ.net Completes Final Stage of Cluster System.

25-06-08 : RentaServ.net install new Support Ticket Software.

20-06-08 : RentaServ.net Start the migration process for the new cluster system.

15-06-08 : RentaServ.net Provides Ireland's Source of Trance Music DreamRadio. (Visit)

10-06-08 : RentaServ.net Start implementing Cluster system.

01-06-08 : Monthly Schedule Maintenance Check Begun - Systems Reported : OK.

30-05-08 : RentaServ.net Prepare New Cluster System for SHOUTcast Service's.

25-05-08 : RentaServ.net Prepare New Support System.

15-05-08 : XO Transit Deal comes Into Force All Servers Transferred.

10-05-08 : XO partners with RentaServ.net to become RentaServ's Official US Transit Provider.

05-05-08 : RentaServ.net Checks System's Status all Systems Report OK

29-04-08 : RentaServ.net Partners with 107 Wans To stream oldies music through the web. (Link)

22-04-08 : RentaServ.net Talks with XO for arrangements with bandwidth transit.

18-04-08 : RentaServ.net Releases Windows Media Control Panel to Public and existing Clients.

12-04-08 : RentaServ.net Is 2 Weeks away from releasing Windows Media Control Panel.

10-04-08 : RentaServ.net Partners With hits80and90.com To become there Official Provider.

06-04-08 : New Windows Media Control Panel Announced To Be Release Next Month.

05-04-08 : New Windows Media Stats System Developed and Implemented To all Client's.

02-04-08 : Monthly Service Check Reports all Systems OK.

01-04-08 : New Windows Media Stats Due to be introduced in the next month.

12-03-08 : New Shared, Reseller, Dedicated Plans Now Online and Active.

12-03-08 : Website Work has successfully been completed.

04-03-08 : Major Website Upgrade's, Some Section's Of Site Closed.

03-03-08 : System Check's All System's Report Stable.

23-02-08 : Cast-Control Lite License's Now Included In Software/License's Page.

23-02-08 : New Support System Added To Improve Customer Support.

22-02-08 : New Server Added S7 Located In Europe.

19-02-08 : New Server Added S6 Located In Europe.

13-02-08 : New Server Added S5 Located In USA.

25-01-08 : Website Upgrades Started.

20-01-08 : Website Due to Upgrades Over The Next 6 Weeks.

12-01-08 : New Server Added S4 Located In USA.

05-01-08 : French Servers Will No Longer Will Be Released Due To Problems Listed.

04-01-08 : French DC Contract Broken Down To DC's Network Becoming Unstable.

03-01-08 : Normal Business Hours Restored

01-01-08 : RentaServ.net Wishes All Clients A Happy New Year.

24-12-07 : RentaServ.net Wishes All Clients And Visitors A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

20-12-07 : New Monthly Special's Page Online. (Visit)

18-12-07 : Our Online Radio Test Stream's Have Been Themed To The Christmas Spirit.

18-12-07 : New WMA Server Located In The UK Online.

17-12-07 : RentaServ Join's Dirty South Radio To Pump "Crunk" Throughout The Internet.  (Visit)

15-12-07 : RentaServ Join's Subbass FM To Pump Drum 'n' Bass Throughout The Internet.  (Visit)

14-12-07 : RentaServ Acquires Pro Streaming.  (Visit)

10-12-07 : RentaServ Joins Xmas Melody Online Radio. (Visit)

07-12-07 : Talks With Pro Streaming CEO's Are Successful And One Step Closer To Acquire There Company.

07-12-07 : Talks With Pro Streaming CEO's Are Successful And One Step Closer To Acquire There Company.

05-12-07 : RentaServ Joins Raw 1079 Online Radio. (Visit)

02-12-07 : Talks With Company Pro Streaming CEO's Are Started To Acquire There Company.

29-11-07 : RentaServ Service's Are To Be Realeased In The Next Week With Server Management Plus More.

27-11-07 : RentaServ French DC Plans To Be Released For The New Year.

27-11-07 : RentaServ French DC Contract Negotiations Ended With Great Result.

22-11-07 : RentaServ WHM 11 Tutorials Coming Soon.

20-11-07 : RentaServ Monthly System Report : OK.

17-11-07 : RentaServ Announces Plans Of HD Streaming To Be Realeased For 2008.

10-11-07 : RentaServ Joins Rapture FM Online Radio. (Visit)

30-10-07 : RentaServ Performs Monthly System's Test All Systems Reported OK.

20-10-07 : RentaServ Release's Longly Awaited IceCast Plans To Public Viewing. (Visit)

15-10-07 : RentaServ Announce's Plan's To Start Backup Solutions (Exp Date Of Release 15-11-07)

09-10-07 : RentaServ Joins With Omega 107 FM Online Station. (Spanish) (Visit)

09-10-07 : RentaServ Joins With Radiolaley1410 AM Online Station. (Spanish) (Visit)

07-10-07 : RentaServ Joins With Fidelity 957 FM Online Station. (Spanish) (Visit)

06-10-07 : RentaServ Joins With Andaluciarural Online Station. (Spanish) (Visit)

04-10-07 : Monthly System Checkup On All Servers All Servers Declared Stable And Operational.

02-10-07 : RentaServ Improved Fraud Provention By Including Phone Verification System In Signup.

23-09-07 : RentaServ Has Myspace Add Us Now!! .(Visit)

08-09-07 : RentaServ Join's With Flow103 To Deliver The Hip Hop Genre Around The World. (Visit)

07-09-07 : RentaServ Announce's It's Plan's To Introduce IceCast To The Streaming Service's.

06-09-07 : RentaServ Release's It's Dedicated Server's Located In UK Range. (Click Here)

02-08-07 : Composer Oneilio Join's RentaServ to Deliver His Composed Music To The Web.(Visit)

01-08-07 : RentaServ Introduce's UK And French Dedicated Servers. (Release Date 20-08-07)

19-07-07 : Backup System Now Configured To Make Backups Daily.

18-07-07 : RentaServ Starts Off-Site Backup's Instead Of On Site

16-07-07 : RentaServ Install A Root SSL Cerificate For All Confidentional Infomation Kept Secure.

09-08-07 : RentaServ Prepare Website For Major Upgrade's.

31-07-07 : RentaServ Teams Up With Shadows Media To Bring The Uk Its Media Service's.(Visit)

14-07-07 : RentaServ Increases Server Performace By Optimizing Mysql On All Servers.

10-07-07 : RentaServ Performs Server Inspection All Vital Systems Are Declared Ok

30-06-07 : RentaServ Teams With RadioWeb.tv To Pump Music To The Urban Scenes Of The UK.(Visit)

23-06-07 : Ram Upgrade Due For Hades (Exsp. Downtime 10:00 Minutes)

10-06-07 : RentaServ Upgrades Kernals On All Linux Server's.

04-06-07 : RentaServ Stop's Selling Vps Packages.

02-06-07 : RentaServ Releases Banners For Clients Use (Click Here).

29-05-07 : Fantastico Is Now Install For Web Hosting Client's .

12-05-07 : RentaServ Introduces Scpanel For It's ShoutCast Client's.

29-04-07 : RentaServ Joins With YamRadio To Pump Music Into Germany's Teenager's. (Visit)

25-04-07 : New Windows Server Added

21-04-07 : RentaServ Expand's Into Windows Media Streaming.

06-04-07 : New Web Site Redesign Uploaded.

05-04-07 : New Linux Server Added "Athena"

04-04-07 : New linux Server Added "Hades".