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Welcome to RentaServ.net


RentaServ.net is a leading provider of world-class dedicated hosting, complex managed

solutions, high availability network architecture, network infrastructure management,

and secure contents distribution for small businesses, non-profit organizations and

global enterprises.

Quality Assured [website]


Our Microsoft® and Cisco® certified engineers specialize in designing network topologies

that eliminate single points of failure and create network resiliency. By using proven

products from our strategic partners, the network architecture team creates optimized,

redundant capability, and unmatched reliability.


RentaServ.net's solutions help maximize the impact of communications by minimizing

access response time for content-based services, while maintaining security and availability.


Design and Content


RentaServ.net also design and implement content delivery network applications that dramatically

improve performance and reliability to enhance the user experience. By combining proven products

that use standard Internet protocols and technology.


RentaServ.net create simple, integrated

management solutions that include web services monitoring, network uptime analysis, and

managed DNS services.


Latest News -  Achieves


30-06-08 : RentaServ.net Completes Final Stage of Cluster System.


25-06-08 : RentaServ.net install new Support Ticket Software.


20-06-08 : RentaServ.net Start the migration process for the new cluster system.


15-06-08 : RentaServ.net Provides Ireland's Source of Trance Music DreamRadio. (Visit)


10-06-08 : RentaServ.net Start implementing Cluster system.


01-06-08 : Monthly Schedule Maintenance Check Begun - Systems Reported : OK.